We'd like to thank our customers who have taken the time to jot us notes from time to time. We've made many new friends through our web site. It's been wonderful talking to each of you. It's also been very exciting being a part of secret “engagement” or “anniversary” plans. We'd love to Hear of your plans and stories. If we can assist in the selection of the “perfect antique engagement ring” For you to propose to your sweetheart with, please let us know. Let's start out by sharing one of Our sweetest, most romantic stories:

... One romantic young man took his girlfriend out to a special seafood restaurant on their anniversary. During dinner he secretly cracked open the lobster claw very carefully, and tucked in a gorgeous diamond ring. Casually he asked if she would help crack open the “Claw” for him. Well... inside to her total surprise and delight was a beautiful engagement ring drenched in melted butter! He then proposed and she, of course, accepted... and they lived happily ever after. This is the story of Jason and Heidi Knight.

... Yes, that's right, it's our story. Jason's my “Knight” in shining armor. I'm very lucky God blessed me with such a wonderful husband. We've been married over 11 years now, and have a very special princess too.

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Here's what some of you had to say:

"... Your shop is the only place I'm going to shop for jewelry from now on... my wife was tickled pink with the diamond ring I bought from you for her birthday... I've looked everywhere, and you have the some of the most beautiful unusual pieces I've ever seen..." - Vince

"... Thanks again... I adore the earrings... I was hesitant to buy over the internet until I found you guys... You are so honest and professional... Everything about my purchase was handled with top notch personalized customer service... from lightning fast response to my emails quickly, to answering my questions, and you even got my earrings to me overnight!!!... I've told all my friends and family about you... I'll be back!..." - Janey

"... We received the ring last Friday. It's beautiful and we're very pleased with the whole purchase experience. Michelle likes it so much that I can't get her to take off the ring and wait for the official ceremony..." - Jason M

"... received the two rings... I'm very pleased. They are both very lovely. The picture really didn't do the ring justice. I'm wearing it right now!... thanks for giving me the info on the Carnelian and convincing me how pretty it was.. you were absolutely right it's lovely... I'll be checking back on your site from time to time..." - Holly

"... I just received your package. The Victorian Garnet Ring is just the most beautiful ring I've ever seen - the detail work on it is unreal... Please keep looking for me for an engagement set... I would really like to purchase from you guys as you have been so kind & courteous... nowadays, people like you are a rarity in business... My wedding day is Saturday, December 25, 1999 so we have time!..." - Emily

"... The rings are here!... And they are beautiful. Thank you, I appreciate your note about the appraisal value. .. I don't think you can get rid of me now!..." - Virginia

"... The piece I ordered just arrived... it is EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! I have your site in my "Favorite Places"... and will continue to look for more wonderful things on your site!... Will tell my fellow collectors about your site as well!!!!!... I can't say enough!!!! I was simply awestruck when I opened the package!!!!!..." - Cheryl

"... I wear my sapphire ring every day that I bought from you a couple of months ago... thank you so much, I hate being so impatient, but I'm definitely looking forward to receiving this ring... I've been looking around at some of the other antique jewelry sites, and I think yours is the best..." - Judy

"... I've always been an admirer of antique jewelry. I found your page to be informative and fun and loved your selections. Thank you!!..." - Kathy

"... your web site is great, wonderful things!... My ring arrived today!... I LOVE it!!!!! Its even nicer than in the picture... Have bookmarked your website..." - Gail

"... wanted to let you know I received the ring... It's even nicer than I'd had hoped... You have a lovely eclectic selection of jewelry I'm delighted that you have a web site so that I could take a look at it. I've been looking for a good ring for my girlfriend for almost two years, so this is exciting!..." - Jonathan

"... I Love It!!! Thank you so much!!! :) :) :)... (Cindy)

"... I received the engagement ring yesterday and my fiancé loves it! I'll be back for our anniversary!..." - Robert

"... the rings arrived safe and sound... they are beautiful!... My girls are going to love them..." - Patty

"... This is my THIRD purchase... you have too many beautiful things!... thanks again... - Susan

"... I just received my ring... you're right, it's definitely a keeper... I love it, and can't keep my eyes off of it... You definitely have a new customer and friend..." - Judy

"... I would really like to get the ring before Friday our anniversary... it would make a great surprise... (after delivery)... She's LOVE'S it!... it was a perfect surprise..." - Eddie

"... I received my jewelry and everything is absolutely BEAUTIFUL... you do a great job of picking out pieces... An extra thanks for sizing that ring for me the same day and getting the package here so quickly..."

"... I need the ring before Memorial Day... I'm planning to propose to my girlfriend on Memorial Day on top of Pike's Peak. I need to get her "a" ring before this weekend!! Help!..." - Scott

"... It is a pleasure to deal with a truly ethical business!..." - Karen